The very western position of our vineyard at Clos Lapeyre, 40 km from the foot of the Pyrenees and 100 km from the ocean, in the heart of Jurançon, induces an oceanic climate very soft and beneficial for the vineyard.


The vineyards of the winery are provided with good sunshine and an average temperature of 24°C during the vegetative period (May to October) and a very high annual rainfall (1200 mm).

The rains are abundant in winter and in the spring in the form of showers, the summer thunderstorms are frequent and sometimes violent with hail, the September rains are not too troublesome on our late varieties.

The autumns are particularly mild and dry, there is even talk of an Indian summer in some years with the influence of the hot winds from Spain: the Balagùer wind.
Thanks to this almost “tropical” climate, the landscapes are extremely diverse; we are in a region traditionally devoted to mixed farming with lush meadows for cattle breeding above all, corn, fruit trees, various vegetables, and finally vines on the most beautiful slopes facing the Pyrenees …

Some examples of different vegetation: palm trees, banana trees (even if the bananas have difficulty in ripening!), Lemon trees, fig-trees… and others, like the mimosas that bloom with the snow on the Pyrenees in the background…