Natural, free, normal…

2020 is the sixth vintage of this dry white wine from the Vitatge Vielh: 3 plots planted with Gros Manseng, Petit Manseng and Courbu. The oldest, on the De Nays vineyard, is 100 years old this year!

By respecting the stages of a long and calm vinification, by limiting the interventions and by letting the second fermentation (MLF) take place, we preserve the natural expression of the terroir and the living character of this wine. To preserve the wine, a small amount of sulphites was added to neutralise oxygen and preserve the primary aromas of the fruit.

“When you have never drunk natural wine before, it can take some time to get used to it and appreciate it. These are easy-drinking wines with an immediate fruity sensation that colonises the whole mouth, generally they don’t lend themselves too well to ageing. When uncorked, they rarely have the aromatic complexity of a standard wine, so don’t hesitate to decant or aerate them generously, as oxygen is always beneficial… ”

“Be well and drink well!” Jean Bernard Larrieu, winemaker of Clos Lapeyre de Jurançon

Limited production.