a Jurançonada – Wine Trail

La Jurançonada is a fun walk through the vineyard. This is a real journey to learn about the Jurançon appellation and the owners who work for it.


The walk takes 1h00 through Clos Lapeyre and Camin Larredya vineyard. The path is free to access through the vineyards and signposted with green arrows and regular information points, each around a different theme. These offer an original and poetic vision of the vine, its terroir and the people who work here, thanks to Serge, who tells you the story of “Hadot the winemaker” at each stage of the walk.

How? From the Clos Lapeyre, we will give you a map and you could:

  • Buy the walk book (in French – 4€)
  • Or listen to La Jurançonada Contée through the walk : / download  on our website http://www.jurancon-lapeyre.fr/fr/ballade on your Smartphone. You will listen to the Hadot story, winegrowers … told by Serge.


Clos Lapeyre

La Chapelle de Rousse - 257 Chemin du Couday, 64110 Jurançon
Tél. : +33 5 59 21 50 80 - Email : contact@jurancon-lapeyre.fr

Clos Lapeyre, domaine viticole familial sur les coteaux de Jurançon
Propulsé par Appolo