Oenology is for sure an extraordinary science, but today we know than only a grape of excellent quality can make a great wine and that this is only obtainable through hard work and clean, well thought-out and respectful viticulture.

Having the organic label is not all that important, but after having fought so hard with the help and advice of colleagues (but with no technical help from professional organizations), I have become a militant defender of this method of growing vines which I now understand and which respects the plants, the birds, the land and the people who work on it. 

What’s more, organic agriculture is a technique which allows me to produce healthy, natural grapes which in turn produce healthy, natural wines with more flavors and a greater sense of place.


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Clos Lapeyre

La Chapelle de Rousse - 257 Chemin du Couday, 64110 Jurançon
Tél. : +33 5 59 21 50 80 - Email : contact@jurancon-lapeyre.fr

Clos Lapeyre, domaine viticole familial sur les coteaux de Jurançon
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