The climate

The western position of our vines (40km from the Pyrenean foothills and 100km from the sea) results in a mild climate with oceanic influence.

The region benefits from lots of sunshine and an average temperature of 24°C during the growing season. The annual rainfall is substantial (1300mm). 

There are showers during the winter and spring; in summer, there are frequent storms, and sometimes violent hailstorms; the September rain is not a particular problem for our late-harvesting varieties. 

In contrast, in autumn the climate is very mild and dry - some years it has even been described as an "Indian summer" - with warm southerly winds from Spain: the "Vent Balaguer". 

Thanks to this almost "tropical" climate, the landscape is very diverse: the region is principally dedicated to mixed farming with many hectares of grassland for cattle breeding. This is interspersed with fields of maize crops, various fruit trees and vegetables cultivated on the outskirts of Pau, as well as vines on the most beautiful hill slopes... 

Proof of this semi-tropical climate is evident by the numerous palm trees, banana trees (even if the bananas struggle to ripen!), lemon and fig trees…and others, such as the mimosa which flower in the snow against the magnificent Pyrenean backdrop.


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Clos Lapeyre, domaine viticole familial sur les coteaux de Jurançon
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