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to the Clos Lapeyre in Jurançon

Because we want to produce natural, expressive and sincere wines, we use organic viticulture, a method which respects the plant and its environment ; a method which allows our varieties to express the minerality of the pudding stone soils, the fresh air of the Pyrenees mountains, maybe also the soft warmth of the ocean (not so far away…), and without a doubt the passion we devote to our work.

Here, in our Bearn, Wine is an important part of our culture which we want to live and let live; the traditional invitation « ça - i bevèr un cop » in our occitan language, shows the pleasure we have in spending a little time to receive friends for a chat and offer them a glass of our wine.

Portrait de Jean-Bernard LARRIEU, vigneron indépendant

Jean-Bernard LARRIEU



Given the wide variety to be found in our different vineyards as far as orientation, altitude, geology and vine age are concerned, we produce a range of wines which aim to express a balance between vintage and grape characteristics and an all-important sense of place.

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Clos Lapeyre in jurançon

a Jurançonada – Wine Trail

a Jurançonada – Wine Trail

La Jurançonada is a fun walk through the vineyard. This is a real journey to learn about the Jurançon appellation and the owners who work for it.

Welcoming groups

Welcoming groups

Bright room overlooking the vineyard and the Pyrenees welcomes your events all the year, around our wine thematic.

The Museum

The Museum

Guided Wine Tasting Tour

Guided Wine Tasting Tour

Clos Lapeyre

La Chapelle de Rousse - 257 Chemin du Couday, 64110 Jurançon
Tél. : +33 5 59 21 50 80 - Email :

Clos Lapeyre, domaine viticole familial sur les coteaux de Jurançon
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