Vent Balaguerde Lapeyre – Réserve

Time shapes landscapes, people and …wines.
The notion of vintage, very much linked to wine, is an important criterion which gives information on the age of the wine of course, but also on its “history”:
the weather, the growing conditions and therefore the cultivation methods, the harvests, the ageing to which it has been subjected, etc.
Some vintages have become historic because of the quality of the wines, their structure and therefore the potential for ageing, while others may have produced wines that develop more quickly… The art of the wine lover is to choose the right date to taste it in its fullness.
“Keeping old vintages is to maintain the memory of the estate, the respect of a tradition, a know-how of our work. Today, we offer you some of these wines that carry a memory, emotions and pleasure…


PS: You are looking for the vintage of your year of birth? Ask us the question! The above list is not exhaustive…

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